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Zonnic is victory
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At Zonnic we believe that nicotine replacement therapy shall be easy to use, easy to find in stores, taste good, give fast effect and be sold at a good price.

We know that there are many different preferences for the use of nicotine products without tobacco and therefore we have a family of different products that come in different forms, strengths and pack sizes. Zonnic products are approved by Drug Agencies and have been evaluated on effect and safety before approval.

Zonnic was first with a nicotine pouch without tobacco, a nicotine mouth spray with fast effect and a blue and smooth nicotine lozenge.


Zonnic Pouch

Zonnic Pouch is the new alternative for you who prefer to put something under your lip. Small and discrete pouches without tobacco, but with nicotine that quickly reduces cigarette craving.

Zonnic Mouth Spray

Whether your aim is to cut down on smoking or to quit smoking entirely, ZonnicĀ® Mouth Spray is an efficient option. The mouth spray is a discrete aid that quickly reduces cigarette craving - regardless of where and when it occurs.

Zonnic Tablet

Zonnic oromucosal powder in pouch, oromucosal spray and lozenge are OTC nicotine replacement therapies for treatment of tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor before using Zonnic if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from a serious heart condition. Read the packaging leaflet before usage. For adults over 18 years of age.

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