Being first
with innovations


We believe that every cigarette that you choose to skip is a victory for you.

Niconovum was founded to develop products that have proven effect and brands that assist adults who choose to change their tobacco consumption behavior through quitting, reduction or substitution depending upon the individual market's approved indications.

" All people are different and there is a number of variants for tobacco users to change their tobacco usage. Some want to quit all cigarettes at once. Others want to start smoking less to become completely smoke free in the long run. Some might not want to quit at this point, but still have a need for a tobacco free alternative at certain occasions. The point of using Zonnic is that you don’t get the harmful compounds in tobacco but still the nicotine that you are used to, in a clean nicotine dosage. " Nils Siegbahn, CEO


Niconovum was formed in 2000 by Karl Olov Fagerström, one of the world's leading experts on smoking cessation and nicotine dependence. Through the exploitation of the exclusive know-how of its founder and management Niconovum's mission is to develop market leading products for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

Some of the world's leading smoking control experts are also behind Niconovum.

Niconovum believe that there is a market for a range of NRT products that will deliver nicotine more quickly and effectively than those currently available, thereby giving the consumer a better control of cravings.

" We believe in walking our own way – and because of that we are proud to often be first with innovations. Zonnic was first with a nicotine pouch without tobacco, a nicotine mouth spray with fast effect and a blue and smooth nicotine lozenge, and our products have proven effect. Our NRT products have been approved by the Drug Agencies and they evaluate both effect and safety before approving NRT products. " Nils Siegbahn, CEO


Niconovum's business idea is to successfully develop and market fast acting and consumer friendly products for Nicotine Replacement Therapies.

Zonnic comes in small pack sizes at a low price point and is also available where tobacco is sold

Niconovum's objective is to become a world leading smoking control company based on clean nicotine.


Niconovum was founded in 2000 by Karl Olov Fagerström and in 2009 the company was acquired by Reynolds American Inc. which since 2017 is part of the BAT group. In 2018 Niconovum AB was transferred to directly report into BAT Northern Europe.

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